Joshua Pellicer’s The Tao of Badass System & Free PDF Download

So I heard about The Tao of Badass from Joshua Pellicer… and it seemed pretty cool, so I decided to check it out.

I was extremely skeptical because I’m not a huge fan of hype, and I’ve been scammed online before.

But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be?

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Well… Let’s take a look at my The Tao of Badass review of the PDF, and I’m going to show you (below the video) where you can instantly download the Tao system PDF series completely free!

 The Tao of Badass Review: Download PDFs Free


Download PDFs To The Right

You can see the value that is presented inside. Joshua Pellicer is someone that has literally helped thousands of guys date hotter women.

Have I personally experienced results from this? Absolutely!

I’ve seen a huge improvement in my overall social life. And… yes, I have actually been able to date much more beautiful women.

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This has completely changed the way that I look at people now. It’s much easier to interact with women I am attracted to because I now know the techniques to use.

I know what body language works, I know what signals to pick up on, and I can do all of this without being nervous or anxious ever again in the presence of an attractive woman.

If you have thought about checking out The Tao System but also just thought it was a bunch of common sense BS, I feel ya.

Well… Good news is you can try it all for just $1.

Attract Hotter Women

However, hopefully the review video above kinda helps you see what it’s really all about.

You may think that there is no one system that can make you be more attractive to all hot women. I was the same way. I’m actually pretty darn opinionated, and it’s hard to change my mind most of the time.

However, when I finally purchased the Tao system from Joshua Pellicer, the first thing I did was download the PDF. Wow… it completely changed my life! I mean you, you can probably already tell from the video.

I was so excited that I had to do a review video, and I also made this website. There is just so much information that I haven’t even been able to go through it all yet.

There is the membership site with the videos that show you exactly how to go about doing the techniques. So that way it’s not like you’re just reading about it. The videos are pretty sweet and they really bring everything together.

After watching the videos in the membership area, it really hit home for me. It got me extremely motivated, and now all I do is practice everything every single day. It doesn’t matter if I am talking to super hot women or just average ones, I act the same all the time!

That’s what’s really made a difference for me, and it’s given me a huge confidence boost.

Anyways, now I’m rambling on, but stay tuned for more because when I go through everything, I’ll have a much more in-depth The Tao of Badass review here in upcoming posts.

Hope you enjoyed the video, and don’t forget to download your free PDF series!

Alright… take it easy fellas,


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How To Talk To Girls That Look Like…

Ever wondered how to talk to girls that intimidated you but thought were hot?

How would you describe your perfect woman?

Is she tall, petite, tone, girly, tomboyish, party girl… ?

If you saw her standing like this would you approach her?

How To Talk To Girls That Look Like This

Deep down… you’d want to talk to her… right? But what exactly is really stopping you?

I want to say that, it’s a limiting belief believing there is only “that one” for you. I cover this in the “Creating Love” chapter (pg 123.).


We all have our certain likes and dislikes. It may change, though we can probably imagine a dream girl scenario.

Picture this: You’re walking down the street. Across the street you spot her. She looks so good your hands tingle when you see her.

Now what?

Are you gonna approach?

What’s more, how are you gonna approach her in this scenario?

In fact, it’s a very open situation.

Look, you either can sit and think about it, or you can do it. Fears are created, to beat a fear you must face it!

Not only that, but you should expect to be dating the women that challenge you! That’s why you’re here. Heck, that’s why I’m here typing the words you’re now reading.

I was scared, yet I had to challenge myself.

And when I did… after a bit… it became easy approaching!

It even got easier when I figured out the “Map of the Interaction”.

So… for this weekend… challenge yourself. A guy who puts himself in front of 100 women may get rejected 50 times, but he’s successful another 50 times. Plus — he’s learned a ton from every interaction!

In addition, if you want my best approach secrets for the weekend (and to make approaching easy) check out my What To Say Course here.

Have a great weekend!


Joshua Pellicer

Demonstrating To Her That You Are A Ten

Demonstrating, as we have talked about before (right here), implies “revealing,” and “high value” suggests being a 10. It could appear like an impossible task to show that you’re a Ten in a circumstance in which you do not understand anyone, but ultimately, in the beginning, all that you wish to focus on is showing that you are not needy.

This is a double-edged sword for a great deal of people, because lots of fall into the routine of thinking “I do not wish to be needy, so I need to show no interest whatsoever.” That, as you’ve probably found out, is polar opposing insecurity settlement and stumbles upon as an extreme absence of confidence.

A combination of unfavorable and favorable body movement is the perfect car for transferring the message that you are interested but not needy. Your body speaks a different language than you utilize verbally, and most people do not know how to equate it even though it’s regularly being spoken.

If you’re associateded with an interaction with a woman, you won’t have the ability to verbally encourage her that you’re not attracted if you’re standing near her, staring and smiling, while you quote it! Whenever you try to convince a girl that you’re not attracted to her and you’re revealing indicators with your body that you are, you become a sufferer of “incongruence.”.

Any time your body movement and your spoken language aren’t sending out the same message, you’re called incongruent. This is a major warning to women– one of the most significant tourist attraction awesomes, period! Demonstrating high value is the most effective method to avoid this problem. To do so verbally, as I mentioned quickly earlier, you have to focus on having content-free conversations.

Anything that makes somebody smile or gets a quick laugh is an example of the kind of banter that will enhance your success with women.

For naturals, spoken banter is an unconsciously absorbed skill, discovered from sources like film quotes and things said by family and friends. Aim to society and individuals around you for inspiration, then take your preferred quotes and sayings and make them your very own.

Girlfriend Activation System Review: How To Get A Girlfriend

Anyways, this is just my review, but…

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I ended up at Disney World the other day.

I’m down here in Florida right now. Chilling with family and old friends.

And, I have no idea how it happened. Yet, we ended up in Disney World. Hey, I wasn’t driving.

How To Get An Attractive Girlfriend

What Does It Have To Do With “How To Get A Girlfriend”?

(A girl like this wants to be dorky with you. Not sure what that means? Click here to find out and make it happen)

Now normally, I would not like Disney World. However, I ended up having a total blast! A part of the reason why I had so much fun was because my girlfriend and I — were being total dorks.

Plus… and I gotta admit it, she looked sexy as hell.

You see, it’s the random events like I mentioned, which makes having a girlfriend pretty awesome.

We were just… playing. Whether it was dorky, naughty, or enjoying each other – we were having a blast.

Let’s face it… you don’t go into a relationship to stop having fun. Rather, it should be the opposite.

A relationship should be

… as much sex as you can handle
 someone who “gets” you 
… growth based

Now, the last few days I’ve been chatting to you about my close friend Christian Hudson. He’s always been known as the go-to-guy on how to make a girl your girlfriend.

He went on a journey, and discovered hidden secrets from ”Female Literotica” that women can barely resist. Now, that may sound a little crazy, but it’s shocking what he uncovered.

You see, moments like I had the other day, are exactly the reasons why I wanted one girlfriend. Yeah, I dated multiple women. It was an amazing experience. Yet, I knew I wanted that one girl.

And, Christian, he’s more of a one woman type of guy. He likes having a girlfriend..

Now, he has a killer program called Girlfriend Activation System. Combined with Tao, it makes getting a girlfriend laughably easy.

If you want the simple blueprint formula for making nearly any girl your girlfriend… check it out here.


Joshua Pellicer

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at the video:


Dominating The Approach and Turning Conversation In Your Favor

Since any hesitation during an interaction with her for the first time, it’s crucial that you are constantly in a default appealing state. Your body movement, for instance, should be constantly and consistently sending out signals that you are dominant, without going overboard, of course, and giving off the impression of being insecure.

We’ll enter that more in the body movement section, however for now simply remember that everything begins prior to you even introduce yourself to a girl or make eye contact with her. The 2nd sub-stage that happens during the phase of destination is called showing high value.

There are some schools of idea that call this “demonstrating greater value,” however that is completely improper. Showing greater value presumes that the individual you’re speaking to has greater value than you, and is therefore worth more. If you see an appealing woman, showing greater value would suggest that your idea procedure is something along the lines of “Well, she’s truly hot and I’m just some Joe Shmoe, so why would she ever want to hang out with me?

I ‘d better attempt to persuade her that I’m appealing.” Having that mindset suggests that you’re constantly trying to sell yourself to ladies, and when you’re constantly trying to sell yourself, you come across as a Six. As you know from the previous chapter, having supplicative characteristics is the most affordable form of social value. Exactly what, then, is showing high value?

Let’s take it word by word. “Demonstrating” suggests “revealing,” which means that you exhibit something in a manner that doesn’t require verbal explanation. All of the verbal interaction that occurs during the attraction stage is nothing but a temporary placeholder. Use conversation that’s sufficiently profound to hold her attention so that you can focus on interacting back and forth using your body language.

Humans have discovered to lie extremely efficiently utilizing their words however are unable to lie well with their bodies, so a lady will trust the messages your body sends out even more than the messages your mouth sends out throughout the preliminary stages of an interaction. Exactly what that means is that when you are first talking with a lady, you wish to have discussions that are not content improved.

Adhere to a spirited kind of speaking called banter. This is a vital area where most men have the tendency to stumble in a communication. If you choose to read this book, I know that at some point you’ve had a trouble with demonstrating high value. Too many guys invest their whole life stuck on this phase of attraction, so I’m going to inform you how you can overcome this very merely so that you are constantly demonstrating high value without stumbling upon as needy.

Demonstrating greater value presumes that the person you’re chatting to has greater value than you, and is for that reason worth more. If you see an appealing lady, demonstrating higher value would suggest that your thought process is something along the lines of “Well, she’s really hot and I’m simply some Joe Shmoe, so why would she ever desire to hang out with me?

If you choose to read this book, I know that at some point you’ve had an issue with showing high value. Too numerous guys invest their entire life stuck on this stage of attraction, so I’m going to inform you how to get over this very just so that you are constantly demonstrating high value without coming across as needy.

Why You’ve Been Rejected

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest mistakes men make (this is from Pg. 87):


Want to see the rest?

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Getting Out Of The Friend Zone – Get Her To Kiss You

Do you frequently find yourself stuck in the friend zone when interacting with women to which you are attracted?

This is in fact a very common occurrence and natural scenario when it comes to women that normally make you nervous or anxious.

If you answered yes…

Stay Out Of The Friend ZoneThe reason you may have ended up in the friend zone in the first place is because of your fault no hers (regardless of what you may think). If you have continually been failing her compliance tests then you have landed yourself in the friend zone.

If you are always doing what she asks of you without putting up any resistance out of hopes that it will get her to sympathize with you then that is exactly what will happen.

She’s not going to be attracted to you, but instead, she is going to sympathize with you because you have been too nice to her, and she will then only see you as a friend. So is there a method on getting out of the friend zone if you are already there?

Of course there is!

And… it actually happens a lot faster than you might think, if… you place your cards right from now on.

Let’s hear it from none other than the highly respected dating and attraction coach Josh Pellicer himself:

How To Get Laid and Finally Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Check This Out (Because there might still be hope yet!) **The 7 Major Mistakes To Avoid Or Fix

So you heard it from Joshua Pellicer on how to get out of the friend zone by you becoming the dominant figure in your relationship.

Rather your relationship continuing on as a friendship, you have to make subtle moves to turn the tables.

Instead of failing her compliance tests and always doing exactly what she wants when she wants it, you will need to utilize those methods to spark attraction between the two of you (particularly on her side).

We’ll have more coming up on what else is in the PDF and members area, but if you want to see whether you can still join the upcoming webinar on attracting women, click here.

How To Be A Badass – Attracting Beautiful Women

Attracting the most beautiful women may seem something only a very select few pick up artists (PUAs) are capable of on a regular basis. However, the thing is that women aren’t like men at all, and it is important to understand that they aren’t after the things most men have been led to believe.

It’s not being rich, having a ripped body, or stunning good looks that get you laid or even get you a girlfriend like many think because of what the media has instilled upon us.

In fact, did you know that Brad Pitt actually had a hard time finding a date when he first arrived in Hollywood?

Most girls probably find that hard to believe, but it’s true. It’s all about the confidence in yourself and not presenting yourself as some needy nobody.

Really the trick is to make women believe that you can get any other woman at any time or that you already have experience with many different beautiful girls.

You have to be confident rather than pretend as if you are confident.

You have to train yourself to be a badass.

This all comes with practice, but when you read Josh Pellicer’s PDF, you’ll have all the tools you need in your arsenal for success with more beautiful women.

We all know we can easily get the girls that are already attracted to us, but that’s not what we want. That doesn’t make it interesting for us, and since we are men, we always want to get the 9′s and 10′s.

Josh Pellicer was someone that struggled with women in the beginning.

He finally had a really hot girlfriend, but she was very demanding and high maintenance. At one point, she actually made him leave his own apartment because her dad was coming over and he didn’t know she was living with Josh.

She wanted to make it look as if she was established and had a place of her own, but she didn’t even want to tell her father that she had a boyfriend or was living with somebody.

Joshua was forced to sleep in his car behind some old abandoned building where he was actually harassed by the police.

He spent several days living out of his car, but during that time he was reading book after book on psychology, women, and all kinds of stuff in efforts to find out how he could essentially attract more beautiful women and be confident… and ultimately break up with his girl friend.

Let’s take a look at this gold fish video that’s pretty interesting.

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Did you know that you can get a girl to want to go to bed with you just by looking at her mouth? Watch this video that reviews techniques on how to pick up women:

Josh Pellicer And The Gold Fish Video

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Joshua Pellicer is now a mastermind pick up artist (PUA), but he is best known as a dating advice coach. He goes out and teaches guys how to approach women. He shows them simple little details they need to tweak so that they will get a much better response from girls when they approach them.

He shows them how to get over their anxiety and fear of rejection.

Josh has even been featured on many popular talk shows, such as the Today Show because of his success with turning guys into their own master PUAs. However, he does more than just show men how to pick up girls.

Joshua also teaches ways to get out of the friend zone, get your ex back, how to get a girl to fall in love with you, how to prevent a girl from cheating on you, etc.

However, to most guys, Josh is best known for his creation of The Tao System PDF and membership site where they can learn all of these same techniques at home. If you want some tips for yourself, check to see if you can still register for the live webinar – Click here. They have webinars almost every day, but they fill up quickly!

The Approach To Becoming A PUA (Pickup Artist)

Becoming a pickup artist, or PUA, isn’t necessary if you’re just trying to get wit the girl of your dreams.

On the flip side, it is still nice to know how to be ready when you need to be when you’re around some single hotties.

Of course, this can occur at any time.

…And that’s just the thing. You have to train yourself to be ready at anytime.

You don’t want to just settle for any girl that interested in you… right?

The art of the pickup is all in knowing what to say at the right time…

“Oh… sure captain obvious… that’s all there is to it?”

Yes… but let’s look at what us not-so-privileged can do about it.

This can’t just be explained in a single post, so that’s why I recommend you become a member of one of the best PUA forums on the net.

Anyways, let’s get to some tips of the day…

It is going to take practice to become a pickup artist but it’s not as bad as you think.

The number one thing you need to start focusing on is becoming the friendliest dude in the room.

This doesn’t mean focusing on talking to just all of the hottest girls.

This doesn’t mean being the loudest guy in the room.

It means you need to literally be the guy that’s having an interesting conversation with whomever you come into contact with whether it’s a chick or a dude.

You don’t have to do anything crazy… just talk to everyone and the girls will start to take note of who is the most interesting guy in the room.

Stay tuned for exactly what to say when you do come in contact with the girl you’re trying to date!

I’ve Read Some Of The PDF On How To Attract Women So Far…

So I’ve just gone through the The Tao of Badass PDF a little bit because I wanted to see what Josh Pellicer’s take was on how to attract women. I was pretty pleased with how easy it was to read and with the fact that I didn’t get hit with some textbook psychology jargon or cheesy pick up lines for girls.

So far, I’ve read about the importance of gender roles. See, you’d think that women want a sensitive guy that has a lot in common with them, blah blah blah. But the fact is, that’s what they say they want.

What women say they want is very different from what they actually want as far as how they have been wired through the process of evolution. The old Darwinian philosophy of survival of the fittest just does not apply to women anymore.

If you want to learn how to attract women, you have to be a man… It’s as simple as that. Well, of course there is more to it, but it really makes sense if you think about it. How come it’s always the jerks that get the hot women? Well, it’s because of a simple thing called a compliance test. Women like to test men, or potential mates, for anything and everything because they have a very specialized filtering mechanism to do so. They aren’t as interested in good looks, money, cars, and big muscles as people think… It’s actually a flat out myth.

Women use compliance tests to see whether you will actually do everything they ask of you. When you are a man that is confident and appears as if he can get hot women whenever he wants, you will be more attractive to her. If she asks you to buy her a drink at the bar (or even if you just flat out offer it), and you straight up comply with her test, it signals to her that you are weak and not confident. It tells her that you would do anything to earn her attraction. Really, you want to turn the tables and make it seem like she needs to earn your attraction.

Most people perceive this as women wanting to play games, and a lot of guys make a big mistake of trying to trick girls in to being attracted to them. This is not what it is about at all. You do not want to trick them. You just want to seem indifferent as to what women (or anybody) think about you because you want to be confident. You don’t just want to pretend to be confident, you need to actually believe that you are confident.

Create instant attraction with ANY woman (free video course - Click Here First!)

Anyways, I need to go back and just read the whole PDF before I can write more about it so I have a better understanding of everything myself. However, I will of course be back with more! See you in the next post, and I hope to have some videos here soon too.