How To Be A Badass – Attracting Beautiful Women

Attracting the most beautiful women may seem something only a very select few pick up artists (PUAs) are capable of on a regular basis. However, the thing is that women aren’t like men at all, and it is important to understand that they aren’t after the things most men have been led to believe.

It’s not being rich, having a ripped body, or stunning good looks that get you laid or even get you a girlfriend like many think because of what the media has instilled upon us.

In fact, did you know that Brad Pitt actually had a hard time finding a date when he first arrived in Hollywood?

Most girls probably find that hard to believe, but it’s true. It’s all about the confidence in yourself and not presenting yourself as some needy nobody.

Really the trick is to make women believe that you can get any other woman at any time or that you already have experience with many different beautiful girls.

You have to be confident rather than pretend as if you are confident.

You have to train yourself to be a badass.

This all comes with practice, but when you read Josh Pellicer’s PDF, you’ll have all the tools you need in your arsenal for success with more beautiful women.

We all know we can easily get the girls that are already attracted to us, but that’s not what we want. That doesn’t make it interesting for us, and since we are men, we always want to get the 9′s and 10′s.

Josh Pellicer was someone that struggled with women in the beginning.

He finally had a really hot girlfriend, but she was very demanding and high maintenance. At one point, she actually made him leave his own apartment because her dad was coming over and he didn’t know she was living with Josh.

She wanted to make it look as if she was established and had a place of her own, but she didn’t even want to tell her father that she had a boyfriend or was living with somebody.

Joshua was forced to sleep in his car behind some old abandoned building where he was actually harassed by the police.

He spent several days living out of his car, but during that time he was reading book after book on psychology, women, and all kinds of stuff in efforts to find out how he could essentially attract more beautiful women and be confident… and ultimately break up with his girl friend.

Let’s take a look at this gold fish video that’s pretty interesting.

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Did you know that you can get a girl to want to go to bed with you just by looking at her mouth? Watch this video that reviews techniques on how to pick up women:

Josh Pellicer And The Gold Fish Video

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Joshua Pellicer is now a mastermind pick up artist (PUA), but he is best known as a dating advice coach. He goes out and teaches guys how to approach women. He shows them simple little details they need to tweak so that they will get a much better response from girls when they approach them.

He shows them how to get over their anxiety and fear of rejection.

Josh has even been featured on many popular talk shows, such as the Today Show because of his success with turning guys into their own master PUAs. However, he does more than just show men how to pick up girls.

Joshua also teaches ways to get out of the friend zone, get your ex back, how to get a girl to fall in love with you, how to prevent a girl from cheating on you, etc.

However, to most guys, Josh is best known for his creation of The Tao System PDF and membership site where they can learn all of these same techniques at home. If you want some tips for yourself, check to see if you can still register for the live webinar – Click here. They have webinars almost every day, but they fill up quickly!

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